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Our courses range from 3 hours to 5 day trainings. Quality, effective and affordable training offered to the general public, health care providers, corporate and government. We have a team that is experienced and motivated..

Apart from our training division we supply course related products; First Aid kits, and padded leg protectors/gaiters for people working outdoors.



Department of Labour First Aid approval no: CI 486
Registered verified Supplier on the Central Supplier Database and Western Cape Supplier Database 
American Heart Association & South Africa Resuscitation Council Registered facilitators
Tax clearance available on request 
Employment equity of 50% female ownership
BEE status: Score card - Level 4 Contributor -100% Procurement Recognition level 
Facilitator Registration

Our Mission 

To equip people with selective skills throuh quality training, in accordance to the relevant governing bodies' standards.  

Our Values 

  • Quality service and training
  • Respect, equal class participation and worthiness  
  • Training environment is safe and healthy.
  • Building training realationships
  • Reliable and friendly client service
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