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About Us



Quality, effective and affordable training offered to the general public, health care providers, corporate and government. We have a team that is experienced and motivated and our Instructors are RCSA and AHA registered.

Our various CPR courses range from 3 to 6+ hour courses. Maximum particpants per class is 9 to ensure quality training and to ensure Instructor, Student and Mannikin ratio according to the RCSA and AHA regulations.

The scheduled dates indicated on our website accommodate for individuals or companies that need to send their personnel. For groups of 5 or more participants, a specific training date is scheduled that suite the client.

For more info you are welcome to contact us at the office.  If you register for a course via our website and you do not receive a response from our office within 24 hours, please contact us on 044 884 1369. 


RCSA Accredited CPR Training Centre
American Heart Association & South Africa Resuscitation Council Registered Instructor/s
Provisional Seta Accreditation TETA19-1133
Department of Labour First Aid approval: CI 486
Registered verified Supplier on the Central Supplier Database and Western Cape Supplier Database
Tax clearance available on request 
Employment equity of 50% female ownership
BEE status: Score card - Level 4 Contributor -100% Procurement Recognition level
      TETA Seta 19-1133

Our Mission 

To equip people with selective skills throuh quality training, in accordance to the relevant governing bodies' standards.  

Our Values 

  • Quality service and training
  • Respect and equal class participation
  • Training environment is safe and healthy.
  • Building training realationships
  • Reliable and friendly client service
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